Pool & Key Cards

Below are the 2020 Pool Rules and Hours of Operation. Please print the 2020 rules and Key Card Addendum and return a signed copy to property management:  Click Here

An online copy can be signed HERE

Monday, June 1st – Monday, Aug 10
Monday-Thursday 10am-8pm
Friday, Saturday 10am-9pm
Sundays 1pm-8pm

Tues, Aug 11 – Saturday, Sep. 5:
Lifeguards on duty on dates below:
(All other days: swim at your own risk;
Adult supervision required if under 21)
Saturday, Aug 15, 22, & 29: 10am-8pm
Sunday, Aug 16, 23, & 30: 1pm-8pm

Labor Day Weekend:
Saturday, Sept 5 10am-8pm
Sunday, Sept 6 1pm-8pm
Monday, September 7 10am-8pm


To ensure the safety, security, and enjoyment of our pool facility by all residents, please read and abide by the following pool rules and discuss them with your children. Have a safe and relaxing summer!
• No one under 21 is allowed at the pool without an adult unless there are lifeguards present.
• The pool is considered “open” to minors when lifeguards are present.
• When lifeguards are not present, the pool is “swim at your own risk” for residents over age 21.
• The pool is closed to everyone from 10:00pm to 5:00am.
• Children 10 and over may attend the pool without parents when lifeguards are present after lifeguards have given them a swimming test and permission.
• Spaulding Farm’s pool area is for use by residents and their guests only.
• To ensure safety, security, and DHEC compliance, all pool gates must remain closed and locked at all times. Entering the pool without a key card or allowing others to enter without a key card is strictly prohibited. Please contact Joy Robinson ([email protected]) if you need a key card.
• A lifeguard will check-in residents as they enter the gate to ensure they are a Spaulding Farm resident and their HOA annual dues have been paid.
• When lifeguards are on duty, a 10-minute “break” (adult swim) will be called at the end of each hour. Adults over age 18 are allowed in the pool during the lifeguard break.
• “Swim diapers” are required for all children who are not toilet-trained.
• NO SMOKING, PETS, or GLASS allowed in the pool area at any time.
• Appropriate behavior is expected at all times (no rough play, profanity, or inappropriate behavior).
• The pool manager and lifeguards are authorized and expected to enforce these and all rules posted at the pool.
• An adult homeowner may bring up to five guests with them to the pool. The child of a homeowner (without parent supervision) may bring two guests to the pool.
• A gathering of more than 12 guests is considered a pool party, and a homeowner must schedule the party and reserve extra lifeguards per the POOL PARTY requirements below.

POOL PARTY Requirements:
o To reserve the clubhouse, pool pavilion or both for a party, contact Jasmine Barnes ([email protected]) or Joy Robinson ([email protected]) to make a reservation. Any homeowner hosting a pool party without a reservation will be billed the $25 rental fee for the pavilion, plus a $25.00 penalty fee.
o Extra lifeguard for every 12 people just be reserved for all parties. The lifeguard rate is $25/hour per lifeguard. Lifeguards on regular duty cannot be scheduled for a party. To reserve extra lifeguards for a party, please complete a pool party request form at: www.sweetwaterpools.net/pool-parties/pool-party-request-form/
o The pool and pavilion may not be reserved during swim team practices or home swim meets.

Key Card Addendum
Spaulding Farm 2020 Pool Season

A key card access system has been installed to improve safety and security at the gym and pool areas.
1. Key Cards will be required to open the pool gates and gym doors
2. Two key cards will be issued per owner-occupied residence. The cost to replace lost cards or obtain additional
cards will be $25 per card and may be picked up from the property management office during regular
business hours. Cards will transfer with home ownership.
3. The entrance by the baby pool will be the primary pool entrance.
4. Each homeowner (or occupant, if homeowner is not present) must sign in to the log by this gate upon arrival.
5. Key cards will only function between 5:00 am and 10:00 pm.
6. Key Cards will be activated for use only for residents who have paid their current dues and are not in violation
of certain other Covenants of the community.
7. Key cards can be electronically deactivated by the Property Manager for cause or at the request of the Board
of Directors.