Updates from the HOA Board

Board Update (January 2019)

Annual Homewoners Meeting will be February 25th at 6:30 pm at the Clubhouse.

We are looking for nominations for the HOA Board. Please consider serving your neighbors and neighborhood by serving on the HOA Board.

OPEN Committee Positions

There are several opportunities to serve our SF Community by helping with various committees. Please visit the committee page on the website for descriptions of open positions. 

Board Update ( December 2018)

A summary of Homeowner questions and answers discussed during the Semi-Annual Homeowners Meeting below:


    Property maintenance – it is homeowners' responsibility to maintain bushes, trees, sidewalks in front of house

    Tennis screens - tennis committee is working on getting bids for replacing the torn screens.

    Street Lights – We ask that homeowners to report outages to Renee Diaz who will then report to Laurens Electric

    Golfcarts/Road Safety - Roads are public and not private. Board cannot enforce laws or regulations except urge owners to drive with care.  SF is scheduled for a traffic study in December. It is best to call the non-emergency number to the Sheriff's office 271-5210 and file a report for any incidents so there is a file for the community.

    Crossing Guard - They are County employees, not provided by community. The Board urged homeowners to come forward and county may reconsider community need for a crossing guard. The County main number is 467-7100.This should be for crossing guard and street issues.

    Crosswalks  - Restriping has been requested and we have been old that we are on the list.

    Officer Patrol SF has contracted for 20 hours per month and we do not have a set schedule. Officer utilizes clubhouse parking lot when working on paperwork and this is not part of contracted time

    Repaving - Completed. Signs are gone, but we are still awaiting restriping at stop signs.
    Spillway maintenance –   It is the Landscape Company's responsibility to cut the grass.

    HOA Dues – They are not increased annually. The increase for 2018/19 was first increase in 5+/- years. 

Board Update (August 2018)

Paved walkway to the Playground is complete and ready for all the Barbie Jeeps

Paved walkway to the tennis courts is complete and looks great

New Playground benches have arrived

New bike rack is in place 

New Tennis Court Benches have been installed - Thanks to the Tennis Committee for making this happen