HOA Board Archived Updates


Semi-Annual Meeting (September 2019)
The Spaulding Farm Semi-Annual Meeting will be held on September 23, 2019 at 7pm at the Clubhouse.
If you cannot attend, please complete a proxy and mail it to property management or have a resident deliver it to the meeting for you --

Minutes from HOA Board Meetings are available from Joy Robinson at CDJ. HOA Board Minutes are also available on the CDJ Website.

Board Update (April 2019)
The Spaulding Farm Annual Meeting was held on Monday, February 25 2019.
The 3 candidates were voted in and are joining the 2 remaining members.

The new 2019 Board is:
Patrick Furman – Chairman
Patrick McGivern - Vice Chairman
Peter Stoffelen – Treasurer
Anne Middleton – Secretary
Tyler Foss - Member-At-Large
Property Management Contact - Sarah Matheny - C Dan Joyner Property Management


The new Board would like to share a few updates and reminders as we enter the spring season and prepare for summer.



At the annual meeting it was announced that the Board approved major repairs to our pools. If you have not seen these repairs progress first hand, over the last month

(1) sections of pool decking were removed to access and repair supply lines then re-poured;

(2) major cracks that compromised the shell and caused the pools to consistently lose water were fixed (cracks were cleaned, bolted, filled and sealed to prevent further cracking and water loss);

(3) new conduit, electrical, and pool lights were installed or repaired;

(4) broken skimmer boxes were replaced and/or repaired;

(5) loose plaster was sanded and filled;

(6) loose tiles repaired/replaced

(7) kiddie pool lines, skimmer, settling issue and shell cracking all repaired.

There are future projects/repairs being planned for next year to further enhance our enjoyment of the Clubhouse and Pool amenities.



(1) Several stumps have been removed that were left behind after the area experienced several wet, heavy winter storms that downed trees. Currently we are fielding several estimates to address common areas. There are fallen trees, uprooted trees, trees with base rot and dead trees that need to be removed on common ground and the walking path;

(2) The Board is exploring options to enhance the area along Spaulding Farm Rd that receives an abundance of foot traffic and has been worn down;

(3) The Board has been in contact with the county regarding road drainage issues that affect the front monument;


Men's Garden Club

MGC organized and held a successful spring cleanup event and evening cookout this past weekend. MGC created their own to-do list with a few suggestions from the Board and set out to improve our community and amenities. Power-washing, replacing fans at the clubhouse, painting signs throughout the community and installing message boards are just a few things that were accomplished. The Board is incredibly thankful for the MGC's continued dedication and hardwork. If you're interested in joining the MGC or just want to help with future events, please contact Ross Simril at [email protected]. Thank you Ross!!



Spring season is here and unfortunately it's accompanied by crimes of opportunity. Please remember to lock your vehicles and doors -- do not leave keys, purses, electronics, valuable items etc. visible. More on this and road safety (obeying stop signs and speed limits) to come next week from the Spaulding Farm Security Committee.


Gentle Reminders 

There have been concerns voiced by property owners. Please accept this as a reminder of our responsibility to be neighborly and follow the restrictions of our community. The full Covenants/Restrictions and our Bylaws can be found at www.spauldingfarm.org (I strongly encourage you to register if you have not already done so) -


(1) As graduation season approaches there will be plenty of celebrations taking place throughout our community. Please remember that fireworks are not permitted;

(2) Clubhouse/Pool Party rental requests can be made by a member resident only. Visit www.spauldingfarm.org to download the appropriate form from the SF ARC Form, Clubhouse Rental Form page or email property management for more information;

(3) Tennis Courts can be reserved by a member resident by visiting spauldingfarm.org and navigating to the Tennis Courts page

(4) If you plan to improve your property an Architectural Review Request and Decision form must be completed and submitted to C Dan Joyner Property Management to be reviewed by Spaulding Farm Architectural Committee. If you're unsure if a form is required for your project, err on the side of caution and complete and submit the required form. Please visit www.spauldingfarm.org and navigate to the SF ARC Form, Clubhouse Rental Form page or email property management for more information;

(5) no independent/third party signage is allowed in the community. This includes but is not limited to political signage and construction signage (ex. "Pool install by XYZ Pools"). If you are selling your home, 1 sign offering the property for sale is permitted;

(6) Please be sure the sidewalk that passes your property remains unencumbered of organic debris and overgrowth. This is the homeowners responsibility and not the county;

(7) Trailers, boats, or similar equipment should not be parked in front or the side of your home. The restrictions states "....equipment shall at all times be neatly stored and positioned to be inconspicuous". For the full explanation please visit www.spauldingfarm.org and navigate to the Covenants page;

(8) Mailboxes must be maintained at all times. Colors and style can be found www.spauldingfarm.org and navigate to the Mailbox and Keys page;

(9) Parking on the street overnight is not permitted;


We are all looking forward to a fantastic summer!


The Spaulding Farm Home Owners Association Board, in conjunction with C Dan Joyner Property Management

Board Update (January 2019)

Annual Homewoners Meeting will be February 25th at 6:30 pm at the Clubhouse.

We are looking for nominations for the HOA Board. Please consider serving your neighbors and neighborhood by serving on the HOA Board.

OPEN Committee Positions

There are several opportunities to serve our SF Community by helping with various committees. Please visit the committee page on the website for descriptions of open positions. 

Board Update ( December 2018)

A summary of Homeowner questions and answers discussed during the Semi-Annual Homeowners Meeting below:


    Property maintenance – it is homeowners' responsibility to maintain bushes, trees, sidewalks in front of house

    Tennis screens - tennis committee is working on getting bids for replacing the torn screens.

    Street Lights – We ask that homeowners to report outages to Renee Diaz who will then report to Laurens Electric

    Golfcarts/Road Safety - Roads are public and not private. Board cannot enforce laws or regulations except urge owners to drive with care.  SF is scheduled for a traffic study in December. It is best to call the non-emergency number to the Sheriff's office 271-5210 and file a report for any incidents so there is a file for the community.

    Crossing Guard - They are County employees, not provided by community. The Board urged homeowners to come forward and county may reconsider community need for a crossing guard. The County main number is 467-7100.This should be for crossing guard and street issues.

    Crosswalks  - Restriping has been requested and we have been old that we are on the list.

    Officer Patrol SF has contracted for 20 hours per month and we do not have a set schedule. Officer utilizes clubhouse parking lot when working on paperwork and this is not part of contracted time

    Repaving - Completed. Signs are gone, but we are still awaiting restriping at stop signs.
    Spillway maintenance –   It is the Landscape Company's responsibility to cut the grass.

    HOA Dues – They are not increased annually. The increase for 2018/19 was first increase in 5+/- years. 

Board Update (August 2018)

Paved walkway to the Playground is complete and ready for all the Barbie Jeeps

Paved walkway to the tennis courts is complete and looks great

New Playground benches have arrived

New bike rack is in place 

New Tennis Court Benches have been installed - Thanks to the Tennis Committee for making this happen

  • Your HOA Board is proud to deliver the below progress report (June 2018) and make you aware of some  improvements you’ll begin seeing in the near future:

➢ Felicity’s Flowers has been hired to handle community entrance aesthetics on Hwy 14,Roper Mtn. & Moore Rd. to more align with adjacent communities. 

➢ Missing/ dead plants will be replaced at the entrances within the next 30 days. ➢ A painter has been hired to power-wash & repaint the 4,220’ of horse fence on HWY 14 &Roper Mtn entrances

 ➢A community Security Committee was formed 

➢ Broken Recliner Chairs at the Clubhouse have been replaced 

➢ A painter has been hired to repaint the original clubhouse interior walls and & fix some small flooring areas in need of repair. 

➢ The Men’s Garden Club completed a restoration project along one of the deteriorating culverts within the community 

➢ The pool deck has been power-washed and several slippery areas have been resurfaced with a textured, nonslip paint. 

➢ The pool gates have been replaced and locks have been repaired – (new keys not needed).
➢ New benches have been ordered at the Playground Area 

➢ New bike racks have been ordered at the Pool Area 

➢ New tennis court benches have been ordered to replace those that were broken

➢ New umbrellas have been purchased for the upper pool 
➢ New umbrellas have been ordered for the lower

➢ New umbrellas are being purchased for the Clubhouse back-patio tables

➢ Mosquito Squad has been hired to handle bug-control at the pool, clubhouse, gym and playground areas 

➢ New Pool furniture has been ordered for one of the pools; lounge chairs, lounge chair side-tables, tables and table chairs.

➢ A new concrete path from the back of the clubhouse to the existing sidewalk to fix a drainage problem at the clubhouse and improve connectivity to the tennis facility soon. 

➢ The drainage and ongoing maintenance issue along the access point to the playground area and existing bike rack area will be corrected soon 

➢ A concrete pad at the garbage can storage area at the left access gate to the pool will be poured soon. 

➢ The decking at the walking path bridge along Spaulding Farm Road has been replaced 

➢ The broken “walking path” signs along the path to the Clubhouse near Spaulding Farm Road have been replaced

➢ The Board is in the process of updating the Spaulding Farm Long Range Plan